What our customers say….

"Route 66 liquor commissioned Shopper Anonymous to conduct mystery shopping throughout Western Australia, to obtain a third party perspective on the everyday operations of our stores. The reports are used in a constructive manner to provide feedback to our managers and staff in order to develop their customer service and sales skills. Mystery shopping is a must for all small businesses to retain their competitive edge".

Cheryl Butcher
General Manager

Route 66 liquor

"I have always been very happy with the quality of the work produced by Shopper Anonymous and the contribution they make to growing our Liquor Baron businesses, through their constructive mystery shopping reports. The reports provide valuable information for staff and act as an excellent management tool".

John Sandford
General Manager
Liquor Barons

"We use the reports to motivate and train our staff so they can deliver exceptional customer service to our guests".

Andrew Clarke
Operations Manager
Apartment Division
Hospitality Inns


"I want my staff to consistently deliver a high level of service and Shopper Anonymous allows me to monitor the standard of my staff through the customer's eyes".

Stephen Lamb
WA Manager
Greater Union

"Shopper Anonymous has given our business the chance for feedback on our products, staff and environment from the customer's perspective. Our staff also appreciate this feedback as it allows them the opportunity for improvement".

Kim Riseley
Recruitment, Training &
Development Consultant

Bakers Delight

"Every month Shopper Anonymous tells us how they experienced customer service at the Red Herring. Their reports are invaluable. The most comprehensive of feedback tools. I am delighted to recommend their services to all other Western Australian restaurants".

Kevin McCabe
General Manager
the RED herring

"The Shopper Anonymous reports help us to see our business through another experienced set of eyes. A really excellent management tool".

Pierre Sequiera
Supa Valu

"We use our reports to motivate and encourage staff to continually deliver excellent customer service. Every business should do it".

Vince Belladonna

"It is almost two years since we implemented the Shopper Anonymous program. The program has focused all of us back onto the customer. Shopper Anonymous has been invaluable in ensuring that training programs have been implemented and in improving the actual customer experience in our stores".

Dave Chambers
General Manager
New Zealand

"Shopper Anonymous have provided Countdown with concise, accurate and professional feedback over the past year. Shopper Anonymous deliver a very slick and motivational reward program".

Fred Hawthorne
General Manager
New Zealand

"The only way to receive professional constructive feedback is through Shopper Anonymous. Excellent for team work and great profits".

Michael O'Connell
Regional Manager (WA)
Civic Video

“When staff begin to treat every customer as though they are a mystery shopper, you really turbo-charge service delivery. For independents, even more so than the major chains, that’s critical in maintaining our edge. Shopper Anonymous do a great job.”

Roger Drake
Drake Food Markets

Interview with Allen Farrington from Bakers Delight - Flinders Square

What benefits have you received from having a shopper anonymous report done?

The feedback received via the report has allowed us to set standards and monitor how the store is viewed from a customer's perspective. We have also set our own benchmarks that will keep us striving to improve.

It (the report) gave me instant, unbiased feedback on my staff and the presentation of my store as well as comparisons between the other franchises and ourselves. We can then go and look at the stores that achieved high ratings and see how we can improve.

What have you got out of the report?

The report draws attention to any failings we have in the store and also points out the positives. We address any issues that may have arisen in the team meetings and make changes to ensure they don't happen again. I use the report as a training tool to specifically target those issues that need to be addressed.

Did you see anything in the report that has helped improve the service in your store?

The report revealed that the staff were sometimes forgetting to offer taste testings to the customers. It's the small things like this that make a customer want to return to our store. I can now use the report to assist in my training as it draws attention to the deficiencies that are happening.

Being a franchise we should all aspire to achieve a score of 95% or higher, everything from service, presentation and quality of the product should be consistent across all stores. The shopper anonymous reports allow us to see what we need to focus on.

Would you like to be mystery shopped again?

Yes, it is a valuable tool for any store owner.