The Mystery Shopper Team

It is essential that the right people are selected to join the Mystery Shopper Team. Each Mystery Shopper must be reliable, honest, observant, possess excellent written English skills, be confident enough to cope with a variety of scenarios, adhere to deadlines and have the desire to be part of a close knit, pro-active team.

Potential Mystery Shoppers attend an introductory training session when they are made aware of what is expected of them. The culture and objectives of the company are communicated and key techniques in both mystery shopping and report writing are explained. Further to in-depth questionnaires and evaluation, the potential Mystery Shopper is allocated to a senior member of the Mystery Shopper Team.

The senior shopper will then accompany the potential Mystery Shopper on their first series of assignments. When Shopper Anonymous is confident that the potential mystery shopper can complete the visits to the required standard, they are moved on to the next stage. This involves the potential Mystery Shopper undertaking a number of small assignments alone. Subject to these being conducted to the required standard; monitored by staff at Shopper Anonymous, the potential Mystery Shoppers are invited to join the core Mystery Shopper database.

Before any mystery shopping project begins it is necessary that every Mystery Shopper involved has a detailed understanding of the customer's culture and the individual requirements of the project. A meeting is arranged between the customer, the Mystery Shopper(s), the Shopper Anonymous Client Relationship Manager and Operations Manager. This promotes communication and prevents any inconsistencies and highlights any problem areas.

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