Customer Benefits

  • Increased Sales
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Employee Motivation
  • Increased Profits

Shopper Anonymous has a highly trained editorial team who monitor the use of language and identify any scoring irregularities. Any problems are investigated and may result in visits being conducted again.

A team debriefing of every project takes place where group problems are identified and ideas for development discussed, ideas invariably provide valuable input for future projects. These sessions have proved to be an essential team building tool and the customer benefits are many, as input is encouraged and valued from every member of the organisation.

Shopper Anonymous is wholly committed to the Mystery Shopper Team. This commitment is effective in ensuring the quality of work by the team. Shopper Anonymous strives to ensure that each member of the team is fully trained, encourages regular contact and the development of a team identity. It is through mutual respect and appreciation that the customer benefits through receiving work of the highest quality.

Shopper Anonymous can provide for every eventuality by providing flexibility in every project; from the number of visits, time of day, level of reporting, type of feedback, level of direct contact with staff and our management reporting, including comprehensive analysis and customer staff reward schemes.

Shopper Anonymous prides itself on the level of presentation it provides. Using a sophisticated database system and employing a dedicated database maintenance team, Shopper Anonymous are able to produce highly presentable and user friendly management information.

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